Silvan is revolutionizing our bathrooms!

If just like us, you try to live by the zero waste philosophy, which means reducing the amount of waste produced to a bare minimum, you will certainly admit that the place where waste is most difficult to eliminate is… in the bathroom. Cleaning and beauty products, personal care accessories and hygiene products are generally fully or partially covered with plastic. Despite our efforts to choose products that seem 100% sustainable, we still have to make compromises for bottles, jars and tubes. Of course, the manufacturers guarantee us their recyclability, but it’ s still plastic – harmful to our health and the environment.
And although after some time we have managed to reduce the number of beauty products and introduce minimalism into our bathrooms, we are still far from being completely satisfied.

I have combination skin that is both oily and dry with dilated pores. My routine seems like a puzzle to deal with, I’ve already tested different facial soaps… with brimstone, clay, charcoal… Either they’ve dried my skin out or they’ve intensified my imperfections and spots. Therefore, I have always returned to cosmetics that have already been tested and approved to help me regain my clearer, flawless skin, but which are unfortunately sold in fully or partially plastic-covered packaging. When I discovered the Croatian brand Silvan about a month ago, with its solid products, paper packaging and all-natural ingredients, I was literally over the moon!

Silvan’s cosmetics are natural, hand-made and wrapped in paper that you can plant in a pot because it contains flower seeds. The design of the packaging itself was inspired by motifs from Croatia’s rich cultural and historical heritage.
By using natural ingredients in its soaps and inspired by Illyrian culture, the brand aims to bring people closer to nature and restore the lost bond.
The company’s philosophy is to raise customer awareness through the excellent quality of its products – without artificial additives and fragrances. They are therefore handmade, without noxious ingredients and produced in limited quantities, so that they are always fresh and naturally preserved.

Currently, the brand offers 3 products: Milk and Honey – universal soap made with goat’s milk, lavender and honey, Sea Nymph – shower soap that will suit even the most demanding skin – very dry, and atopic – with jojoba oil and sea salt, as well as the product that has quickly become a favourite in my beauty routine: Black & Pure face soap with activated charcoal and tea tree oil. It cleanses perfectly, leaves no dehydration, helps to eliminate imperfections and decongests clogged and dilated pores! After a month of use, I finally managed to keep my facial care to a bare minimum and therefore say goodbye to plastic-covered cosmetics!

And although Silvan is only available in Croatia for the moment, we have discovered that it will probably soon conquer the French market, for which we are keeping our fingers crossed!

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