We sell and buy our clothes on Vinted


We often talk about slow fashion mentioning ethical clothing or second hands. Today it’s going to be once again the subject of our post because we want to tell you about the website we’ve discovered recently: www.vinted.fr

We don’t like to stock in our wardrobes clothes that we don’t wear (or that we don’t wear often enough). Selling them was usually quite a struggle… until one day a friend of ours (thanks Marzenka!) told us about Vinted. Since then, we haven’t been able to live without it. And I’m not only talking about selling because we also buy our clothes there.

We like

a very wide selection of clothes in different categories, sizes, and prices,

a very simple application: it allows you to check the offers even in the metro ( as long as you got the network),

prices that can be really low: my record – a brand-new t-shirt The Kooples for 25€ while the price in the store was 95€.

the option of negotiating prices: we love that!

low and fair shipping costs

packaging: many people just reuse old bags, cartons and card boxes, recycling on top!

We don’t like

The problem related to shipping delays: sometimes it can take even 5 weeks!

And then that’s all…

If your closets are full and you constantly ‘have nothing to wear’, don’t hesitate to check out Vinted platform. To quickly sale your items think about making nice photos. And do not exaggerate when it comes to the price! For a worn item, you should propose more or less 50% of its original value.

And if any of you are looking to refresh your wardrobe for the new festive season, you should start with this website because we are sure that you can find there what you are looking for. Like us…




photo credits @Hela Staniszewska

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