The very first zero waste street in Paris

rue zéro déchet

It is situated in Paris in the 10th arrondissement and has a lovely Edenic name, Rue de Paradis. It is this street that has been selected for a very special experience. The goal is that in one year, it becomes the zero waste street thanks to the determination and especially the participation of its residents. The project starts in December and it is estimated that the waste collected there will decrease by 10%, which gives 50 kg less per year and per inhabitant. Certainly, this figure does not necessarily show a total elimination of waste, but it is already a very big step forward and an initiative that should be followed by the other neighbourhoods!

I have never particularly liked this street. I used to babysit for a family living there when I was a student. I admit that after 10 pm, I always took a cab to get home because I was afraid to walk alone. From now on, I look at it in a different way. I can even say that I actually regret not being able to be part of this project. Especially, that its residents will be well supported by the Zero Waste association. With great enthusiasm and somewhat in advance, the Rue de Paradis is now known as the “first zero waste street” of the Capital.

This project, which is planned to last one year, involves 6,000 people, street vendors and schoolchildren, who will be encouraged to make good changes in their habits. However, the City Hall of the 10th arrondissement has planned several actions to make this project a real success. A variety of workshops will be organised, such as a cooking course with food scraps, and conferences to explore the subject of recycling in more detail. All of these should reduce the amount of waste thrown in the garbage. Restaurant owners will be encouraged to use cardboard boxes for takeaway meals and reusable cups and straws. On the street, the collective composters, as well as the refrigerator for food sharing, will be provided. And, the cherry on top of that, employees who are used to smoke outside will be equipped with a pocket ashtray!

A follow-up program will be proposed. Thanks to the dump truck, the waste will be weighed. Furthermore, the residents will receive grids to fill in in in order to be able to analyse the evolution of the reduction of their own waste.

We will follow this experience with enormous curiosity and encouragement. And as a reminder, you should know that in Paris there is already the House of Zero Waste.

What do you think about this project? If this was about your street, would you be motivated to participate?rue zero waste

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