Milk thistle, a natural remedy protecting the liver

Milk thistle is a rather popular plant with many great properties. But above all, it works miracles when it comes to the liver. And it is not only universally known but also clinically proven.

For who?

Milk thistle is mostly used to help protect the liver from toxic substances such as alcohol, drugs or excessive amounts of fat in the diet. It is also a good alternative for women who use hormonal contraception, as it perfectly replaces pharmaceutical probiotics whose role is to support the liver.


Here are some of the beneficial effects of milk thistle:

Treats liver dysfunctions (hepatic) and protects it

Cures food, alcohol and drug poisoning

Helps to treat jaundice

Treats liver cirrhosis

Relieves digestive disorders: stomach aches, ulcers, bloating, heaviness, burning, constipation, diarrhoea, intestinal gas…

Stimulates digestion

Boosts appetite

Treats gastritis,

Anti-inflammatory effect

Helps to combat the tumour cells of several cancers

Helps to control diabetes

Helps with heavy menstrual bleedings

Why does it work so well?

Its key ingredient is silymarin, a flavonoid complex of milk thistle. It modifies the membranes of liver cells, making them resistant to absorbed toxic substances such as alcohol, ” toxic ” foods or even drugs.

How to use it? 

The best option is to buy milk thistle seeds and then mill them yourself right before consumption. This will ensure that the powder does not contain any undesirable additives. Treated this way, the plant will not lose its properties. Simply pour 1 to 2 tablespoons a day into boiling water and brew for approx. 15 minutes. To see the positive effects, we recommend taking it for at least one month. And if you like a bitter taste, you will surely enjoy drinking it. To summarize, milk thistle has better healing effects than most pharmaceuticals sold at the drugstore. Besides, it is completely non-toxic, natural and effective. However, remember that people suffering any illness should not take it without doctor’s advice.



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