Last month I fell in love with Hola Bonita!

Photo credit @Hola Bonita!

If you follow our blog regularly, you probably know that we privilege brands whose products are not only organic but also created with passion and good energy. Nevertheless, you have to admit that already the name itself – Hola Bonita! makes you smile, doesn’t it?

Behind Hola Bonita! stands an extremely friendly French-Polish duo, Pola and Audrey. The girls met a few years ago in Poland – Audrey came to Poznań for her studies, and Pola was already working as an illustrator.  They had not only common friends but also the same interests as design and ecology.

Their products are distinguished by their superior quality, natural, unprocessed raw materials, largely of organic origin, and easily recyclable packaging with vibrant colours and gentle messages. In their artisanal production, there is no room for machines, each candle is hand-made with the greatest care for detail. Girls are constantly looking for innovative and more environmentally friendly solutions. At the moment, they are working on labels and packaging made of recycled paper made from corn, orange peels and grapes! The brand concept differs completely from what the competition offers today. Hola Bonita! stray from the minimalist trends present everywhere and focus on energy, cool, bright colours and a positive vibe, bringing our minds to the hottest corners of Spain. Each candle tells a unique story with its signature scent and original eye-catching label, which, of course, was designed by Pola.

By choosing Hola Bonita! candles you can be sure that they are:

  • Natural, made from 100% non-GMO soy wax. Moreover, the wicks are made of cotton and do not contain lead. Hola Bonita! does not use paraffin, parabens, mineral oils, etc.
  • Safe, the fragrances are made from essential oils and/or natural fragrances for a healthier burning.
  • Environmentally friendly – glass packaging is easily recyclable
  • Vegan
  • Made with love – candles are handmade in limited series in Poland and France.

If, like us, you have fallen in love with this remarkable brand, don’t hesitate to visit the online boutique. Currently the girls sell their products on Etsy and Pakamera, and of course, you will receive your candles wrapped in recycled paper and compostable corn flakes. We are waiting with impatience for autumn and rainy evenings to enjoy the scent and relaxing light of the candles.

We are crossing our fingers for the success of Hola Bonita! and of course, we would like to see some new products soon!

Photo credit @Hola Bonita!

Photo credit @Hola Bonita!

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