Toxic cleaning Part I

Most of us like to keep things clean, but few like to do housework. We presume that the more cleaning products we use, the easier and faster it will be for us to get rid of the dirt. We purchase many different products and each of them has a completely different use. They are generally very effective – they allow us to successfully remove stains from our clothes, clean big surfaces, leave windows shiny and without streaks and have a pleasant smell in the house. What’s their secret? The amount of chemicals they contain! Many people don’t realize that they can also have a harmful effect on our health.  Because cleaning can be more toxic than smoking 20 cigarettes!

Dishwashing liquid

It seems that dishwashing liquids should have a non-toxic composition, after all, they come into contact with objects that we use every day to prepare and eat our meals. However, they contain bleach, dry chlorine, dirt and grease removers, ammonia and germicides. For this reason, always remember to rinse the dishes thoroughly in order to eliminate detergents and let them dry well.

Washing products

Laundry detergents in powder and liquid are known for their intense fragrance, which can cause nose irritation, skin rashes, eye irritation or even headaches, nausea and allergies. Their composition contains phosphates and other compounds that can be absorbed through the skin, many of which have a carcinogenic effect, others irritate the skin and respiratory tract. In addition, washing products are difficult to rinse off, so their residues remain on the clothes and come into contact with the skin.


Bleach is particularly toxic because it contains chlorine, which can irritate the eyes and skin. Inhalation of significant amounts can even result in upper respiratory tract burns. Bleach should not be mixed with other substances. Combined with ammonia, it can cause breathing difficulties and in conjunction with vinegar or lemon, it can produce a harmful substance, chlorine oxide, which can cause severe respiratory tract poisoning. Once the bleach is used, remember to ventilate the room well!

House Deodorants 

Air fresheners contain carcinogenic benzene, dichlorobenzene, and toxic formaldehyde. Regular use of deodorants can lead to respiratory cancers, poisonings, chronic headaches, and asthma. Above all, avoid air deodorants in spray, which can easily enter the respiratory tract.

Toilet/Bathroom Cleaning Products

Most toilet and bathroom sanitizers contain aggressive substances that can irritate the eyes, respiratory system as well as skin. That is why, when cleaning, it is important to remember not only to protect the hands but also the airways.

Drain Cleaners

You must be particularly careful when using them, as they can burn the skin, eyes and respiratory tract. Contrary to general opinion, it is not advisable to use boiling water as the caustic substances may be sprayed around. Once the chemical drain used it is necessary to immediately leave the room in order to avoid being intoxicated.

So if you don’t want to endanger the health of yourself and your loved ones, but also have a clean apartment, we invite you to read the second part of this article. We will propose some simple, cheap, effective, ecological but also safe cleaning methods, allowing to reduce the number of toxins absorbed by the body and to prevent dangerous diseases!



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