Vegan and gluten-free condoms? Yes, they exist!

prezerwatywy bez glutenu

Veganism can be found in our kitchens, wardrobes, bathrooms and now it also sneaks in into our beds. Indeed, a German company offers a very attractive alternative to standard condoms. They are of no animal origin and gluten-free, and can be used by those who follow a vegan diet and by people who actively defend and protect animals rights.

It is good to know that the traditional condoms available on the market nowadays are made with casein. This substance constitutes the major part of the milk. However, vegans refuse to consume and use any products derived from animals or their exploitation. Now there is no need to refuse this type of protection. And yes, above all stay safe!

Fair Squared is the first brand to propose condoms made with natural fair trade ingredients. They use caoutchouc from India, which is then processed at the German headquarters near Hanover. Furthermore, Fair Squared devotes part of its profits to tree-planting.

Condoms are tested electronically, but we also liked the fact that once used, they can be composted. Do you have doubts? You can be sure, their quality is certified by CE.

Fair Squared condoms are sold in boxes of 3, 8, 10 or even 100 pcs. In terms of price, they remain within the range of what is already on the market.

This is really good news for all vegans! Now you can have sex without feeling guilty!

We invite you to discover the complete range of Fair Squared products which is not only limited to condoms but also hygiene products and intimate cosmetics.

To finish, follow carefully our updates because we have a surprise planned which will be announced very soon.

prezerwatywy weganskie

@Hela Staniszewska

weganskie prezerwatywy

@Hela Staniszewska

weganskie prezerwatywy

@Hela Staniszewska


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