Challenge number seven – #Pickup5

We don’t necessarily follow the latest trends but there is one that has caught our attention. Do you want to be trendy this summer? It couldn’t be easier. For the month of July, we propose you a cool challenge, PickUp5.

But what is PickUp5?

Are you going to the seaside this summer? If so, you probably don’t want to relax and sunbathe between garbage such as plastic cups and bottles, small paper packaging carried by the wind or empty cans! So, join the PickUp5 challenge and when you are at the beach, pick up 5 rubbish each time (or of course, even more, if you are motivated) and just throw them in the bin. It is simple as a gesture, effortless but with great significance.

Not only beach trend

We decided to go one step further and we will pick up the garbage not only on the beach but also on our way to and from work or on any other occasion. And unfortunately, it turns out that we will have no difficulty to find it because garbage is EVERYWHERE!!! Just look at the pictures below taken during our shooting on a completely different subject. We were in Paris, in the Jardin de Tuileries and to be able to take our pictures we first had to get rid of plastic dumped at all corners. The right place for waste should be only the garbage!

Be smart, join PickUp5

Feel free to raise awareness. Collect garbage and share your photos on social networks with the PickUp5 hashtag. Make this action popular with us! While this wave of collections is slowly developing, it shows above all that there is a way to act on its own for the Planet. We are all consumers but also citizens who have their share of responsibility. Good to know: awareness and action have no age, so, invite your children too.

@Hela Staniszewska

@Hela Staniszewska

@Hela Staniszewska



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