June Highlights 2018

1. There’s nothing better than summer! 2. Deauville and the completely deserted beach 4. Strawberries, mushrooms or nettles…? What do you bet?

5. Yoga on the beach? Why not! 6. Bowling is also a sport. 7. 25 years of Swedish Gym, youpiii! 8. A night under a tent, let’s hope it won’t rain

9. Strawberries, so hard to resist! 10. A tropical photo session with @Hela Staniszewska 11. Surrounded by trees 12. The juice is the life

13. Stylish and cool on a bike 14. When we need a booster… 15. Clubbing in pink with Swedish Gym 16. If you sometimes wonder if we go shopping…here is the proof, the Veja sale
17. Strawberries are delicious in any dish 18. A quick, healthy, vegan dinner, yum! 19. Let’s eat the artichokes! 20. We are testing the vegan restaurant Gentle Gourmet

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