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The popularity of organic makeup products is growing. Even if we don’t put too much make-up on, the choice of the right cosmetics is quite important. After a long research, it seems that we have finally found our bliss. Zao Make-up is a Franco-Italian brand ( the assembling is done in France and the manufacturing in Italy) that has not only launched organic make-up but also environmentally friendly. And what can we say, we truly adore their concept of refillable products.

So far, we have had the opportunity to test 2 products of the brand: the mascara volume & gainantand the bronzer Zao Terre Cuite minérale 341 Cuivre DoréAt first, instead of separating the lashes, mascara stuck them in two. But all you had to do was twist the mascara brush to make the application easier and start at the root to grab each lash and work your way up to the tip. The formula of the mascara defines and extends the lashes with each stroke of the brush. Well, I just don’t think it gives enough volume. However, I love its deep black colour which gives an intense, smoky look throughout the day.

As for the second product, it was pure love from the first use. The bronzer fulfills our expectations at 100% and what is important, it is doing its job well. All you have to do is to dust this silky powder on your face or even your body to look like you’ve spent a week on the tropical beach. The ultra-soft formula is easy to apply, leaves no traces and gives the skin a radiant glow. It is perfect as a contour powder, illuminator or even blush.

But what we like most about the Zao Make-up product range is the possibility of refilling. We constantly look for eco-friendly ideas to reduce the amount of waste and we find that it is not only an innovative solution but also less expensive, for example, the costs about 20 € (according to the seller) and for the refill, we pay 8 € less!

The Zao Make-up packaging is made of Bamboo. It’ s a proof of sustainability, elegance and nature.

By choosing the brand’s products, we can be sure that they are:

natural: 100% of the ingredients have a natural origin. Without additives, colorants and synthetic perfumes, they are trustworthy.

certified organic: the raw materials come from organic farming

vegan: not tested on animals, Cruelty-Free certified (except Correctors, Gloss and lip balms which contain organic beeswax)

ecological: the packaging material and the refillable solution

We are planning to complete our make-up collection with other Zao Make-up products in the very near future. No matter if it’ s for our health or for the planet, natural and ecological products are always a good choice.

@Hela Staniszewska

@Hela Staniszewska

@Hela Staniszewska

@Hela Staniszewska



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