Homemade healthy popsicles

Glaces à l'eau

When the day is not only beautiful but also very hot, it is important to stay hydrated and why not by eating the popsicles. It’ s a delicious solution to cool off during the summer. However, it is difficult to find sugar-free ice cream without all this chemical junk, and even more difficult without plastic packaging. So I decided to make them at home. And the process of preparation didn’t take me long. Moreover, the list of ingredients is really minimalist. What took the most time was freezing (about 3 hours). That’s right, you have to be patient.

To make my popsicles I used whatever I had at my disposal. From an orange, a lemon and mint I made a juice using a juice extractor. I mixed the preparation with cold green tea and… that’s it. As you can see it’s fast and very simple. Then I poured it all into an ice cube tray and left it in the freezer. After two hours, I put the toothpicks instead of the classic sticks.

I managed to obtain the flavor I wanted: not too sweet and slightly sour thanks to the tea. In addition, the mint gives a sensation of freshness so desired on a hot summer day. At first, I thought my popsicles might be too small (because of ice trays). In the end, this format did its job well. This size is perfect to satisfy my desires: to refresh and take a small delicious pause.

Otherwise, you can also have fun replacing the tray with glasses or egg cups. No need to buy the real ice cream molds, just let your imagination run wild. Obviously, the recipe is not too innovative but at least I discovered that ice cream can be very easy to make and at the same time healthy. So, the mission was successfully accomplished.

Homemade Popsicles have many other advantages. With no added sugars are low in calories. They will, therefore, be ideal for people who pay attention to their weight. They also contain no milk and are ideal for lactose intolerants and vegans. In addition by making them at home, we avoid the production of additional waste.  

Easy to do, cheap and healthy! So, you like it?

Glaces à l'eau

Glaces à l'eau


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