‘Wills and Testaments’, when you inherit not only the fortune but also the tragedy.

Vigdis Hjorth Spadek

Inheritance can lead to many conflicts between family members. And so the book with such a title, even with its bright and eye-catching cover, couldn’t mislead me. I, therefore, decided to spend my free afternoon to discover this story of inheritance. I only had to go through a few pages to realize that I was right. Indeed, the Norwegian writer, Hjorth Vigdis describes the effects of a bomb that explodes as a result of the striking news about a will made by parents. The inheritance was to be divided equally among the 4 children. But in reality, this is more complicated…

Some want to be treated with justice and fairness while others only care about money. In both cases, if they are stubborn and vicious people, inheritance problems can effectively destroy family bonds. Such conflicts certainly do not occur in every family, but where the sense of equality is disrupted from the very beginning. This last sentence is an introduction to the family secret of the protagonists of Wills and Testaments. Two of them and in particular the older sister, Bergljot, inherited from her father, in addition to their patrimony, traumatic memories of their childhood. The drama is compounded by the fact that for 23 years no one in the family even wanted to hear about it. 

What do we discover in this book? I won’t say too much. However, as you can guess, there are many accusations and confrontational arguments. There is also a lot of pain and disagreement. Can a fair division of the will still heal wounds that have been causing so much pain for so many years…?

Wills and testaments was a huge success in Norway. Not only because of the subject, but also because of the writing itself. The narrator here is the eldest of the sisters, Bergljot, a very perplexed woman. Her speech is full of mess and repetitions, both situational and verbal. However, the language is simple which allows to soak up the lecture quite quickly despite the quite complex action. But one thing is certain, you will keep Bergljot’s memories in mind long after the reading of Wills and Testaments.

If you want to be involved in a family conflict by looking at it closely and being able to objectively evaluate the situation, then this book is right for you.

Vigdis Hjorth Spadek

Vigdis Hjorth Spadek

The article made in partnership with Wydawnictwo Literackie.



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