All about my 3-day detox

After publishing a photo on Facebook with the information that I am currently going through a detox at the Centre of Natural Medicine Berta Rogus, people started to wonder! Most of you associate the word detox with alcohol or drug detoxification. However, neither of them concerned me. I simply decided to dedicate my three days off to myself and to cleanse my body of toxins.

What is the purpose of detox?

Our body gathers toxins from the food we eat every day. We are also affected by stress, air pollution and chemicals coming from cosmetics. All these factors can weaken our organism. Symptoms can be different: overweight, insomnia, digestion problems and many others. In order to get rid of these “intruders”, it’s necessary to cleanse the body, which is recommended to be done regularly, i.e. once a year.

What was my detox like?

I decided to do my first 3-day detox combined with a cleansing juice diet at the Center of Natural Medicine Berta Rogus in Busko-Zdrój in Poland. At the very beginning of my stay in the centre, I was explained how my detox is going to look like. Also, all my concerns about the treatments I was supposed to undergo have been allayed.  Each day I had to drink a large dose of juice: a grapefruit one in the morning and a beetroot and apple in t he afternoon and evening.  For the dinner, I was also served a small bowl of steamed vegetables.  It turned out that the sugar contained in fruits is sufficient for the normal functioning of the body. Well, I even found the energy to run 5 km in the morning! In the meantime, I was undergoing a bioresonance and colon hydrotherapy. I admit, I was a bit worried for the second one since I’ve never had it done before. For those who don’t know, this procedure consists in deep washing of the large intestine, during which toxins and faecal deposits stored for years are removed.  And i can assure all of you that the treatment was carried out in the cabinet furnished with modern equipment that allows to control the flow of water, its temperature and pressure. This extremely effective method removes heavy metal salts, fungi, yeasts, parasites, preservatives, fermentation and decay products, poisonous metabolic residues – deposits called faecal stones – from the colon in a hygienic, practically painless and odorless way. It sounds quite awful, right? But believe me, the procedure itself was carried out in a pleasant atmosphere, without stress or even embarrassment.

I also enjoyed a sauna every day. The schedule of its use was so adjusted that I would have it all for myself.

The Center of Natural Medicine Berta Rogus

I admit that I wanted to do the detox all by myself at home. However, after reading dozens of articles on the Internet, where one contradicts the other, I decided that the safest thing to do was to put myself in the hands of professionals. And this was a great decision, because I was able to consult everything with the specialists and talk about every little detail I was concerned about. Why The Center Berta Rogus?  I was encouraged by the positive feedback from the other patients. And now it is my turn to recommend you this centre. And so you know, the range of services offered by the Berta Rogus Center is really rich and not limited only to detox.  Iassure you that you will feel there almost like home. The friendly atmosphere created by the staff and other patients made me forget about the hunger. The resort has only 3 rooms so you can expect tranquility and relaxation.

Most of us take such care of our exterior so carefully. It’s also time to think about what’s inside. Such detox is a great way to do that!

Do you have any questions? I’ll be more than happy to answer any of them and clear up any of your doubts.




*The article was made in collaboration with the Center Berta Rogus


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