We taste raw food in 42 degrés restaurant in Paris

By collaborating with Gaia Bio, we have learned a lot more about raw food. We discovered the way of preparing meals with the use of minimal heat treatment but also of direct preparation of dishes from raw products in order to preserve all nutritional values.
Raw food is unprocessed. They include mainly fruits, vegetables, nuts, herbs, spices, sprouts and mushrooms. We don’t think about the transition to the raw diet but we liked its idea enough to visit the Parisian restaurant, which serves only raw dishes. Above all, we were curious about what delicious meals you can come up with using only raw ingredients.

We decided to visit the first restaurant of this kind in Paris, called 42 degrés. On the outside, it’s rather a minimal style, only a black facade,  and on the inside rustic white walls with a cosy, green logo of the restaurant.

raw food

Our menu:

Papaye / Radis Violet / Coriandre / Citron vert éclats de Noix Cajou 9€

Raw-Billaud au Tournesol / Mousseline de Brocolis 18€

Burger de Champignon Portobello / sauce Ketchup maison / chips de Kale 18€

Minestrone / Essence Bergamote / tuile Sésame 9€

Tomate juice


Bill: 64 euros

We went to the restaurant at lunchtime, previously booking a table. For the starter, (shared), we took a mixture of papaya with violet radish, everything seasoned with coriander and green lemon with cashew nuts. The combination of sweet and sour flavours fits perfectly into my taste buds. Alicja liked it a bit less. As she said, it’d be a great accompaniment to herring.

42 degrés

Alicja’s main course was: Raw-Billaud, a vegan imitation of cod in sunflower oil accompanied by a broccoli cream. The dish resembled grey, jelly-like cake filled with lettuce. Unfortunately, very poor in taste. On the other hand, the broccoli cream turned out to be delicious, it had a lemony taste. One minus: there was no bread or crackers to eat the cream with.

42 degrés

As for myself, I was tempted to try a burger with Portobello mushrooms accompanied by homemade ketchup and kale crisps. I expected a traditional burger with a bread roll. But instead of bread, there were mushrooms! Inside, however, I found a plant burger. I wouldn’t compare the ketchup to the traditional one, because it tasted beetroots. However, I must admit that the meak was excellent!

surowe jedzenie

Even if we were already full we decided not to skip the dessert. The choice was made: Minestrone with bergamot extract and sesame wafer. Minestrone is a vegetable soup but we got a fruity version of it.  Actually, this dessert can be easily compared to a finely chopped fruit salad. It would be an ideal, light culmination of dinner, if not for the fact that the smell of bergamot was definitely too strong and overshadowed the whole taste of the fruits. Alicja summed it up with the following: “I feel as if I’m eating Chanel perfumes”.

42 stopnie

As you can see, we didn’t enjoy not all the dishes, although we were convinced that Raw Food is something for us. Don’t ask why we expected a warm meal. However, everything was cold. Fortunately, it was a hot day in Paris. I consider the experiment with raw food to be successful, but Alicja is much less convinced. We also read that the place was created in the spirit of ecology, with the use of ecological paint, some of the equipment comes from recycling etc. Therefore, it’s a pity in the toilet we need to use paper cloths to wipe our hands.

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