Swedish Fit, a real endorphin factory

Gimnastyka szwedzka

We usually do sports to improve our health, physical condition, give our body a better shape and distract from daily worries. Physical activity helps release the endorphins during and after exercise.

It’s already been more than 6 months, that we chose to do the sporting activities at the Swedish Fit Paris and since then we are addicted to it! This concept seems the best for us because it allows us to practice sport regularly and motivates us to move our bodies. We are going to tell you why we like it so much, but before few words of introduction. 

Let’s start at the beginning 

The Swedish Fit was founded at the beginning of the 19th century, obviously in Sweden. It arrived in France 25 years ago and has been popularized by the non-profit sports association, Gym Suédoise. This kind of  gymnastics focuses on the exercise itself, the joy of movement and the state of mind. According to its founders, it should combine health and well-being. The principle is that it’s good for everyone, no matter the age!

The choice

Why did we fall in love with the Swedish Fit? It offers 16 different sports activities such as: dance, yoga, gym (several levels), cardio, core etc. You don’t have to choose only one discipline to get subscribed. You can change the activity as many times as you want. Each class is done in the same way: warm-up, cardio exercises, muscle strengthening, active recovery, stretching. At first I thought yoga would be my favorite activity. However, I quickly realized that after spending all day behind the computer screen, I really need a boost of energy. And then I discovered dance That’s exactly what I need. But the days I need to soothe my mind I accompany Alicja to yoga.


Gym Sweden is present in 40 cities in France. It offers more than 700 classes per week with different timetables. To participate, simply book your chosen activity (via the Internet or the dedicated app) one hour before the course starts. For people with a constantly changing timetable (like mine) this is a very practical solution.

Team motivation

Being in a group can be very motivating. It pushes you to progress more quickly. Especially since Swedish Fit classes are non-judgmental. We really appreciate the atmosphere which is very different compared to some gyms. Forget the competition for better abdomens! That’s not the goal here. The important thing is to move in a good mood accompanied by music that boost even more. Our dance instructor always tells us: just smile and breathe!

Apart from France, you can find fans of this gym in London, Geneva, Barcelona or Waterloo. We hope that one day it will also come to Poland.

Gym Suedoise

Gimnastyka szwedzka

Gym Suedoise


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