Last month I fell in love with: Charcoal water filter


Despite access to fresh and clean tap water, many of us still choose bottled water. Sadly, this solution is not environmentally friendly, economically viable and is not practical. Not many people know that the quality of tap water is defined by the law and regulations of the European Union, so water in all cities, whether in Poland or France, must comply with the same requirements. Some people still believe in myths about tap water, such as the fact that it is free of minerals, that it causes kidney stones, and even that it is easy to contaminate this water during its transport through pipes. It is time to say the truth! Current water treatment systems are not only modernised but are also subject to frequent inspections, both prior to entry and during transport, via the water supply network. Moreover, contrary to popular belief, tap water contains minerals and bio-elements, such as calcium and magnesium, and they are responsible for the deposits in your kettle! And the light brown colouration of the water can indicate an increased content of iron and occurs most often during cleaning the pipe network and troubleshooting the defects.

I choose tap water primarily for environmental and health reasons. It is well known that plastic bottles can release harmful substances. Mineral water stored in PET bottles contains chemical agents with an effect similar to that of estrogens, disturbing the proper course of physiological processes of cells! In addition, it reduces the amount of plastic produced and the amount of waste. It is true that until now, one disadvantage of the tap water has been the occasional smell and aroma of chlorine, and in order to minimize it, I used additives like lemon and mint. But I found a better way to do it: active charcoal!

Active charcoal has been known for its valuable properties. It acts as a magnet for all kinds of harmful and chemical substances. We write more about it in this post.

In Japan, special activated charcoal, Kishu binchotan, has been used for over 100 years to purify water. When you look at it closely, you can see that its surface is extremely porous, and it is thanks to it that it is able to absorb harmful substances. Charcoal put into a bottle (preferably made of glass or stainless steel) filled with tap water in just an hour improves its taste (the best taste we get after 8 hours). In addition, it enriches the water with minerals and at the same time removes chemical components from it. Its durability is up to six months! But attention, after this time it can be recycled: you can burn it, use it to fertilize the flowers or put it in your shoes because it will deal with the unpleasant smell!

This little piece of charcoal will not only convince you to switch to tap water for good but will also help you to save money by giving up plastic bottles for good!



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