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phyts kosmetyki

Cosmetics brands are doing everything they can to satisfy the needs of modern women by inventing new creams, testing a variety of ingredients and developing formulas that will have a beneficial effects on our skin. No wonder, that usually it’s rather difficult to find in this jungle of products what is really effective and proper for our skin. Producers promise us moisturization, smoothing, brightening, glow… only how often do you find that these promises are fulfilled when you test a new beauty product?

To my surprise, French brand Phyt’s which I discovered last month, was one of the very few that not only didn’t disappoint me but was also able to satisfy my requirements, such as 100% of natural ingredients! Together with Magda, we tested two completely different face creams. What was the verdict? Find the answer below!

Phyt’s – Nature and ecology

Phyt’s is a brand with a long tradition. It has been on the market for 46 years and its concept is based on harmony with an ecological and ethical philosophy dedicated to beauty. Since 2003, Phyt’s cosmetics have been certified by COSMEBIO, which is equivalent to the fact that each product contains at least 95% of certified, organic, plant ingredients, has full traceability of the raw materials used, and in the production process, the ecological principles protecting the environment are respected. Respecting the nature and ecology go hand in hand with social and social commitments – in accordance with its policy, the brand is involved at local level in opening up professional opportunities, as well as in reorienting agricultural activity towards ecology. Moreover, Phyt’s doesn’t experiment on animals. In the composition of the cosmetics, we won’t find chemical preservatives, synthetic dyes, PEG, silicone, bisphénol A. As if that wasn’t enough, Phyt’s is also a brand that puts environmental protection first:

  • does not use chlorine to clean machines
  • is committed to waste management and segregation
  • uses non-heavy metal inks
  • uses environmentally friendly imprim’vert packaging for printing and the paper comes from commercial forests (PEFC-certified)
  • all containers and packaging are either recyclable or biodegradable. It offers even a 100% degradable lipstick packaging made from corn.
  • monitor its carbon dioxide emissions and use alternative energy sources
  • co-creates biological agricultural and forestry parcels and is involved in the protection of natural areas

The brand’s offer includes cosmetics for the whole family, make-up, sunscreen series, as well as professional face and body treatments.

Phyt’s Sublime Eyes

I’m rather skeptical about all eye creams. I simply don’t believe they work. That’s why I either don’t buy them or choose those from the lowest price range and then stop using them discouraged by the lack of any result. I have dark circles under my eyes and thin skin, which, as we know, additionally highlights thin veins. The only rescue so far has been a good concealer, thanks to which I can look like I got some sleep.

I used decided to try the cream from Phyt’s Sublim Eyes series encouraged by extremely good opinions on all forums dedicated to beauty and cosmetics. You agree with me that a cream whose average rating is 4.8/5 must really do its job, right?!

The producer promises a moisturizing effect that eliminates fatigue and reduces dark circles. All of this thanks to active ingredients such as hyaluronic acid, wheat extract, aloe vera, avocado oil, and plant complex. Plus, it has a cooling tip applicator! The very first contact with the skin was a pleasant surprise. First of all, the application feels like nice relaxation moment and second, it after a proper massage it really brightens the under eye skin! Of course, this is not a long-term effect, but when the cream is used regularly, we obtain satisfactory results. The only minus? The concealer or foundation in contact with the cream tends to look cakey. Therefore I use it overnight or when I skip my make-up. However, I’m still willing to give this cream 5/5!

Phyt's krem do oczu

Phyt’s Soothing cream for sensitive and dry skin

I have dry skin and my face is marked by tightness, lack of flexibility and tingling.
However, I am minimalist when it comes to cosmetics. My beauty routine means a good day cream, but I must admit that it’s not easy to find the perfect one. One thing is certain: dry skin is particularly sensitive and needs intense care to regain its health and balance. For this, I test different products and different formulas.

Recently Alicja persuaded me to try Phyt’s. Sensi Phyt’s soothing cream is a natural formula suitable for soothing and moisturizing sensitive skin with a tendency to dry.  Thanks to Magnolia the skin is softened. Shea butter helps nourish and protect it, while aloe-vera is a source of hydration. I noticed that it significantly reduces all redness. It’s a product that penetrates deeply without leaving a greasy film. The cream has no smell and is very effective, my face remains well hydrated until the evening.

So it seems perfect for demanding complexions like mine. However, I found it a little expensive and the double packaging is useless and not eco-friendly.

Phyt's krem


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