Do you know what are you wearing?

Elqui atelier

It’s the Ethical Fashion Week, which is associated with a very sad event. On 24th April 2013 the building in Bangladesh, where the clothing factories were located, collapsed. More than 1 100 workers have died under the ruins! A year later, 54 countries became involved in Fashion Revolution Day, which promotes ethical and socially responsible fashion. But after all, it’s US, conscious consumers, that have the last word. Cause everything depends on our choices.

Do you know what you are buying?

Check the label before you decide to buy a new thing. Learn more about the brand you want to support. A large number of sewing factories in Bangladesh not only do not provide safety for their workers but they also simply exploit them: they pay very low wages, impose a lot of working hours and do not respect basic hygiene rules. Should clothes from Bangladesh, therefore, be boycotted, depriving many people of their jobs? No! But it’s enough to check whether the garment factory is controlled by Fair Wear Foundation, an association that works to improve working conditions where your clothing is made.

What to pay attention to?

Choose garments from certified fabrics that are free from harmful substances. Focus on ecodesign, which means clothes that are independent of season or even momentary fashion and, above all are made with high-quality materials, in order to enjoy them longer. Select responsible production that uses resources efficiently, provides decent working conditions and wages and minimises transport needs.

If you also include your personal taste and your financial possibilities, it may turn out that despite the strong development of ethical fashion in recent years, it is difficult to choose something nice. That’s why we come to help and present our ethical fashion ideas and discoveries from time to time. We invite you to read the article here.

Elqui Atelier

Today we introduce you to the French brand ELQUI atelier. In our latest article on ethical fashion, we complained about the price of ethical clothes. Finally, we managed to find t-shirts at a price adequate to the volume of our wallet and moreover with a beautiful history. Axelle, the designer of this brand, combines fashion and painting. In her Parisian atelier, she makes all the designs inspired by everyday life and travels. From the whole collection, we have chosen 2 t-shirts made with ecological cotton, and with prints made in France. The T-shirt itself is made in Bangladesh, but as the designer says, it is under the watchful eye of the association we are writing about above. I fell in love with a t-shirt with a beautiful, Indian legend about a hummingbird extinguishing the fire. Alicja, on the other hand, was enchanted by a T-shirt with fans, inspired by a moving quotation: In the jungle of loneliness, a beautiful gesture of a fan can evoke paradise. (Dans la jungle de la solitude, un beau geste d’éventail peut faire croire à un paradis– André Breton).

And you? Do you know any ethical clothing brands? Do you have any favourites? 

Elqui atelier

Elqui atelier

elqui atelier

elqui atelier



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