Challenge number five – I take care of friendships

It’s May, so as usual, we come to you with a new challenge. However, this month we have something completely different. But at the same time, something that, as our previous challenges, will have a positive impact on your health and well-being.

Importance of friendship

Relations with other people are very important part of our lives. Already a newborn baby is surrounded by people and during the following years of its life, it begins to make various acquaintances, from the sandpit to the nursery, kindergarten, school… These larger and smaller friendships are a key element of our life, they influence our personality, help us survive in the most difficult moments, as well as give a sense of value and raise self-esteem. A friend plays an important role in our mental stability and physical health.

Loneliness shortens life expectancy

As we know, man is a pack animal, he needs proximity and physical contact with other people. And while most of us are able to survive a long time alone, this can have a negative impact on our health. Numerous studies have shown that people who don’t have contact with other people are much more likely to suffer from heart disease, have a reduced immunity and loneliness have a negative impact on their mental health.  Staying among friends makes us happier because the level of endorphins in the brain increases and they are stronger analgesic than morphine! Under the influence of others, we are more likely to take care of ourselves, exercise and introduce proper eating habits to our lives. It’s social contacts that subconsciously motivate us to take care of our appearance.
Friendship gives us the feeling of being able to rely on someone. We all need someone to help us survive, to support us with a nice word and to help us relax.

Let’s appreciate friendships

Very often, our relationships are affected by the huge amount of work we do and our daily lives.
It is not easy to reconcile work, raising children, caring for a relationship with a partner and managing a home. Our friendships are usually limited to the virtual world based on occasional Facebook comments and likes. We see each other very rarely or not at all. And then we realize that we are slowly losing those who used to be so close to us. And as time goes by, lost friendships become more and more difficult to revive, because it turns out that we have extremely different experiences, memories, opinions, sympathies, tastes.

That is why, in May, let’s take care of our relations with others. Let’s write or call those we haven’t had any contact with for a long time. Let’s ask How are you a different person every day. Let’s take care of friendships because they make us happier and healthier!

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