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Hair care specialists don’t recommend changing your shampoo too often, moreover if we are satisfied with the results. However, when hair starts to lose its shine, you may need to try another product with a different formula. As for me, it‘s simple – I love testing new product and when I finish one bottle of shampoo I’m taking next one from a different brand. I’m not a big fan of mask, oils and special hair treatments. So instead, I try to choose my shampoo based on the actual condition of my hair, moreover during the winter time. However, there is one principle I have – my hair products need to make with natural indigents. While seeking for the perfect formula I found out about Biokap.

About Biokap

Biokap has been on the market for 30 years already and focuses primarily on the quality of the products. In particular, the brand has established itself as a specialist in hair coloring. However, I was convinced by the eco-responsible and ethical policy. Also, the products don’t contain animal ingredients and aren’t animal tested.

Biokap for greasy hair

From the Biokap range, I chose Bellezza shampoo for greasy hair. I can say a lot about the product after the first use. So it was in this case. They immediately regained their lightness. But what’s most important, my hair looks fresh even after three days (instead of one), all thanks to silver fir and cysteine, reducing the excessive secretion of sebum. After a month of using the shampoo, I also discovered that I lose much less hair while washing and detangling. Among the principal ingredients of the shampoo, we can find mint and essential oils of rosemary and tea tree that give not only a beautiful herbal aroma but also a refreshing effect. The product doesn’t produce lots of foam but as we know more natural ingredients, the less foam.

Dyed Hair with Biokap

The Biokap Bellezza line also took care of the owners of dyed hair, struggling with problems of dryness, fragility, and splitting ends. Coloring, in particular brightening, is a procedure that destroys the structure of the hair, so they need a special intensive treatment. Shampoo and Regeneration and Repair Mask for dry and damaged hair Biokap is a duo that works perfectly. Thanks to natural ingredients such as rice photokeratitis, sweet almond oil and vegetable ceramides from olive oil, hair regain its shine, is strengthened and the hair structure is complemented, providing protection against adverse external factors. In addition, the mask will help you to comb tangled after washing your hair. Advice from Alice to deeply nourish your hair after winter, you can leave it on your hair for longer than the recommended 2 minutes.

Both of us are satisfied with the results and we will definitely come back to the products of this brand. And moreover when they are safe for the hair, skin, and health. Meanwhile, we still don’t like the fact the most of organic products and cosmetics are sold in plastic bottles and packagings.

Check out more on Biokap website.

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* The article was made in cooperation with the Biokap France

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