Highlights of February 2018

podusmowanie lutego

1. Vegan power balls, recipe via ervegan 2. Mardi Gras? Only with Vegan doughnuts 3.  One of the best juices ever, with pomegranate! 4. Vegan dinner ordered with the app Too good to go.

wspomnienie lutego

5.  The Magic Flute, ballet, and opera in one in Palais de Congrès. 2. Thumb up by Cesar Baldacinni in Centre Pompidou 3. Cinema evening, as per usual 4. There was a debate about ethical fashion? We were there!


9. Let’s take advantage of the sun, on the bike! 10. But when it snows we prefer to stay inside 11. Our favorite Parisian second hand 12. Brrr, it couldn’t be colder!

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