Cesar, an artist with a thumb up

César Le Pouce

Friday is the perfect day for exhibition and art discoveries. As you may know tomorrow there is gonna be the 43rd César Awards ceremony to honor the best French films of 2017. So we thought the exposition of Cesar Baldacinni, the author of the César Award trophy is a great idea. It takes place in the heart of Paris, in famous Centre Pompidou.

I have to admit one thing straight away, the artwork of this french representant of new realism turned out to be completely not my thing.  I only knew before the famous thumb (La Pouce) the pride of the business quarter La défense and I expected the rest of his work is gonna be more or less in this climate…but no! There was plenty of…scrap, literally!

Well, for the starter there is the Rooster (Le Coq, 1947) made all from recycled materials. But what gets the most attention is the collection of compressed cars. There is even a limothat was brought to Paris only to be compressed and then called a piece of art! But making cars smaller wasn’t his only obsession. In 1963 Cesar took part in an exhibition about human hand, and since then he got crazy about…a thumb. There is a whole collection of thumbs, all made with different kind of materials. Then, there was also a phase when Cesar did some reconstruction of woman’s breast.

I think that modern art isn’t really for me. I have the impression that just because it’s hard to define we are allowed to cheat a little bit and call art things that aren’t. But in the other hand it’s good to explore and get to know thing that we don’t like. At least, Alicja was impressed, check the proof – watch the video below.

You can  see the exposition César La Rétrospective  till 26th of March.




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