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Since I started making changes in my life in order to be more conscious, ecological and ethical towards animals and the environment, I couldn’t think it would also affect my food choices. Of course, I have always tried to chose wisely when it comes to food and to educate myself on what is healthy. I have always thought that a balanced diet rich in fish, fruits, and vegetables, preferably without pesticides is the basis. Moreover, we used to say that yogurts, or other dairy products, are an excellent source of calcium and should, therefore, be included in our diet. When I used to buy ultra-processed foods filled with flavor enhancers, sugars and fats, I preferred to take the organic ones as less harmful to my health.

Little by little, I started to get more and more interested in plant-based nutrition and I started to test vegan recipes with curiosity and enthusiasm. I also started asking myself questions, because how can we recognize what is best for our health today? In the meantime, I watched the film Food Choices, directed by Polish-American filmmaker Michal Siewierski.

And today, I dare to say that the decision to eliminate meat from my diet is one of the smartest and most mature decisions I’ve ever made.

Food Choices

Every day we are bombarded with information about food, diet, and supplements. Food Choices is a documentary on the nutrition of humanity that shows that certain choices are at the origin of the deterioration of the state of health and are the main cause of climate change. The film unmasks most of the myths about nutrition, like the one about animal proteins and their necessity for the proper functioning of the human body. Food Choices answers all questions about the plant diet as well as the lack of minerals, omega-3 acids, but also the negative impact on the health of fish, eggs, milk and dairy products. This film gives another look at modern nutrition through the eyes of nutritionists, doctors, and sportsmen, as well as those who have saved their lives through the elimination of animal protein. It also shows the problems of climate change caused by industrial farming and fishing. Some scenes can be pretty drastic.

But don’t worry, it’s not a propaganda film, which, like many about food subject, is supposed to manipulate us. Food Choices should be treated as educational material. It is well detailed, supported by numerous scientific documents and official reports (from the WHO and the FAO in particular). I strongly advise you to see it! You can watch it on Netflix. And I assure you, you won’t waste your time!

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