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BIS paris
If I had to make an inventory of the content of my wardrobe, it would be no secret that 90% of my clothes are from second hands and flea markets. Why do I prefer thrift stores than boutiques and shopping centers? Well, there are several reasons, but it’s above all ethics and an ecological approach to fashion. And then, there is also the price and the possibility to find the real treasures and also they really help to individualize the style. And above all, hunting for bargains gives me undescribed pleasure! I admit, in second-hand shops, I can spend hours and hours. When it comes to shopping in boutiques, there are usually too many people, or you have to queue way too long and after all, I think I just can’t find my happiness in major fashion stores.

Are there second-hands in Paris?

Not long after I moved to Paris, I instinctively started my research for local second-hand stores. But the results weren’t great, either I was disappointed by the prices that unfortunately exceeded my financial capacity or the shops themselves didn’t look like what I expected. In Paris, the thrift stores are rather chic with luxury vintage clothes with the labels of the most famous fashion designers. So I decided to check more for local flea markets and braderies. Some time ago, we wrote even an article in which you will find some tips for buying used clothes. If you haven’t read it yet, we invite you here.

BIS, Boutique Solidaire

I discovered a BIS secondhand completely by accident but I immediately knew that I’m going to be a regular customer. The Boutique Solidaire has all the characteristics of an ideal second hand – affordable prices, a variety of brands, quality of clothing, availability of accessories and shoes and the possibility of payment by credit card. Its founder, Rémi Antonniuci, opted for a totally innovative concept, by mixing vintage and contemporary decorative elements. BIS, therefore, remains completely ethical by keeping all the merchandising codes of the new high-end boutiques. The selection of clothing and fashion accessories for women, men and children are made only of clothes in perfect condition. Then there are brands like Ralph Lauren, Valentino, Max Mara, Sandro …

BIS is owned by an associative group of which all the supplying associations are members and 100% of the profits are reinvested in the project. As for the employees, they have all been in a situation of socio-professional precariousness. It is also important to mention that anything that is not usable is recycled. This concept proves that fashion and ethics are compatible.

By following BIS on Facebook or on Instagram we can see what’s going to be soon available in store. Unfortunately, there is no possibility (yet) to book online. So, isn’t its the most ethical and hype second hand in Paris?
Good news, there is not only one BIS in Paris but two!

Here are the addresses:
1 ° BIS  7 Boulevard du Temple 75003 Paris M: Filles du calvaire

2 ° BIS 19 rue Lamartine 75009 Paris M: Cadet

Paris BIS

Boutique Solidaire Paris

Boutique Solidaire Paris

BIS Paris

Boutique Solidaire Paris

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