Winter sea air, healthy and stress relieving

morskie powietrze zimą

One of my favorite winter sports is… a nice walk on the beach! Such an escapade in the winter season is really good for our health because the air is highly saturated with iodine that increases the immunity. And the best time to go to the coast may be between November and March. Together with my friends, we decided to take advantage of the sunny February weekend (actually it was raining whole Saturday) and chose direction Le Treport (in Normandy), which is only 200 km from Paris.

The Benefits of Breathing Ocean Air

Have you ever thought about how therapeutic it is to visit the beach? The scientists found that salty air, full of negative ions is good for you. It soothes asthma, fatigue, depression and even migraines. However, the most important is iodine. It is an essential element for the proper functioning of the thyroid gland. It also favors natural weight loss. A stay at the seaside is also a real relief for allergy sufferers. The wind blowing from the sea brings clean air free from pollen and pollution. But this is not the end of the advantages of sea air. The sound of waves perfectly soothes the nerves, that’s why beach walks are perfect for people who have stressful job and lifestyle. If you feel tired, you cannot deal with emotions, and your hair and nails are in bad condition, go to the seaside!

How to take advantage of the sea during the winter time?

Take advantage of the coast by walking by the sea and listening to the waves and breathing in the fresh sea air.  It’s the perfect way to oxygenate the body cleanse the lungs. Fresh ocean air will be a good change for those living in big, polluted cities. Do not be afraid of bad weather, you should know that the windier it is and the higher the waves are, the more beneficial the ocean breeze is.

Other advantages of winter stay by the sea

The air will accelerate your ability to absorb oxygen, and balance your serotonin levels, a body chemical linked with mood and stress. Which is why you feel more alert, relaxed and energized after a beach holiday. Also during the winter, the coast is less crowded and more appealing.  There won’t be crowds on the beach or in the hotels and restaurants.  Another advantage is the price. In the off-season, you will pay 50% less for renting a cozy flat than in the summer.

And because the sea air gives an appetite, remember to eat healthy and balanced meals!

morskie powietrze zimą

morskie powietrze zimą

morskie powietrze zimą

morskie powietrze zimą

morskie powietrze zima



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