January Highlights

January was a good month for traveling and discoveries of new places. Last month we prepared for you the post full of colorful pictures about one of the most eco-friendly cities – Copenhagen. Therefore, the most liked article of January is definitely one about Magda Zelewska, polish photographer, traveler and most of all very warm person. You still haven’t read it?! Do it now, by clicking here.

During long, cold January evenings we enjoyed going to cinema, theatre or just reading books. We wrote even one literary review/recommendation! But don’t worry we didn’t give up on physical activity, there was time for some sport as well in January!

Last month we also finished with success our very first challenge. It was all about boycotting shopping and sales. You know what? It was even easier than we thought! But we have already a new challenge for February and we hope you could join us.  It’s also very easy – we do a (plastic) straw free month.

Stay warm, apparently, winter is not over yet!

podsumowanie stycznia 2018
1.  2018, please be AWESOME! 2. There is always time for sport! 3. Rainbow over Paris 4. Little hope for early spring

podsumowanie stycznia 2018

5. Meeting with E.E. Smith 6. Perfect, just perfect 7. Time for theatre! 8. Obviously, we support WOSP charity here in Paris

podsumowanie stycznia 2018

9.The food is always good in La Recyclerie 10. Starting a day with a fresh pressed juice 11. Cooking vegan at home 12. New vegan spot in the city- Aujourd’hui demain

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