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Last Monday we participated in the debate about ethical fashion. This subject concerns us a lot lately and we’ve already talked about it a bit here on the blog.

It’s all started by learning and understanding the seriousness of it. Issues such as working conditions, exploitation, fair trade, sustainable production, the environment, and animal welfare made us boycott shops like Zara, H&M, and others. Many scandals in the field of fashion have pushed us to change the way we dress. Today we are therefore looking for alternatives focusing on social and environmental sustainability.

During the debate following 5 speakers from the slow fashion industry introduced us to their vision of the ethical fashion and explained their main challenges.

SloWeAre,  a reference platform for eco-friendly fashion. It allows to discover the creators of ethical fashion but also to learn more about textile topics through the articles published on the site. This concept brings together news, initiatives, and tips for sustainable fashion as well as the store guide. You can even create your own account to interact with the SloWeAre community.

Aatise, it is an eco-participatory clothing brand whose concept is based on crowdfunding to manufacture only what is really needed. How does it work? It is the consumer who chooses the project that he or she likes and if it receives enough votes and the pre-order threshold is reached, the making of the piece begins!

Manifest011, it is a first shop fashion 100% vegan in Paris.  It sells clothing, underwear, accessories, and shoes, for women, men, and all others. Manifest011 select a range of brands and products for people who love fashion and follow the latest trends but still wants to be eco-responsible, aware and vegan. The launch of the site with its e-shop is expected during the next month. We haven’t visited it yet but we are planning soon!

Crush ON, it is an online platform that brings vintage fashionistas closer to French thrift stores. It is a good solution for those who do not like to spend hours in second-hand stores, you can shop directly from your couch!

Slow Conso is a network of slow-conso online stores that are committed to offering only sustainable products by adhering to the charter of eco-responsible commitments of the site. We can find locally produced pieces made from recyclable, natural or recycled materials while remaining transparent and respecting the workers.

Feel free to visit their pages or social networks. Those are very interesting and innovative concepts worth supporting and spreading around. However, there is one thing (which was also discussed during the evening) that still remains to be improved. Prices! Buying a basic t-shirt for 60 € or a dress for 160 € is still a privilege for us (and many of you perhaps)  but we try to make efforts for the good cause of course!

slow fashion

slow fashion

slow fashion

slow fashion

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