Before we throw away the Christmas tree

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The Holidays spirit is slowly leaving our homes. We get rid of all kinds of occasional decorations, and thus also Christmas trees. According to tradition, the Christmas tree should stand until January 6, the Holy Three Kings day. Those of you keeping ecological, artificial version of the tree, don’t have a big problem – just pack the Christmas tree in a box and use it intact next Christmas.

However what to do if you decided to buy a real tree that slowly begins to lose its needles?

Usually, we tend to tell ourselves to it’s the easiest and so best to dispose it for yard waste pickup.  But are there any solutions to get rid of the tree in the spirit of zero waste philosophy?

It turns out that Christmas trees don’t need to finish in the trash! Here are few ecological ways to dispose of your Christmas tree. Of course, we should not forget to tear down all that festive decor before and of course keep it for next year.

Let’s plant trees

If you have bought a tree in a pot and it has undamaged roots, try to replant them in your garden. First of all put it outside to survive the rest of winter. Then in March, you can transplant it to the ground.

If you don’t have a garden, ask local foresters, possibly they can replant your tree in the forest.

Precious needles

If you keep a household composter, then you do not need to worry, it’s gonna be a perfect place to deposit your tree. Obtained compost will be perfect to fertilize your plants such as Rhododendrons.

However, it is worth knowing that pine needles are very acidic and so are well suited for fertilizing gardens and lawns. Just scatter them around and they will help to keep away weeds and snails. In winter time the needles protect other plants against freezing.  

Pine tea

This is a simple solution for those who don’t have a garden. Of course, it won’t help you to get rid of the whole tree but surely it will be ecologically reduced.

Needles and buds of pine and fir are extremely rich in vitamin C have anti-inflammatory properties.  Pine tea will help you to survive cold winter evenings.

How to prepare it? Take few still green needles and buds and add into boiling water, we recommend adding a slice of lemon or orange, few dried apples, a few cloves, and optionally honey.

A relaxing bath

Christmas tree can also be used in … bathroom! If you are a fan of aromatic relaxing baths, this is something you need to try. Choose a handful of green needles and cook them in the water for about 10 minutes. Add prepared liquid to your bath, don’t forget to strain well the needles before. Needle bath has some amazing properties. Helps get rid of flu, cold and has antibacterial properties. It also removes tension and exhaustion, as well as regenerates tired skin. You can add as well few mint leaves for the refreshing effect.

Ideas for lazy bones

However, if you decide to throw away the Christmas tree make sure to consider different options. Sometimes zoos are accepting Christmas trees where they serve as bird bed or food. Some cities organize the collection of Christmas trees for their ecological utilization and processing into biomass. Often  Christmas trees are also taken by goat breeders because they love their branches, which are also a great deworming solution.

In France, before throwing a Christmas tree into the trash, you should pack it in the so-called ‘sac à sapin’ (a Christmas tree bag), the purchase of which the income is allocated to support the disabled, and fortunately, it’s completely biodegradable and compostable.

Remember to always make sure that your Christmas tree doesn’t contain the pesticides!

co zrobic z choinka

co zrobic z choinka

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