Les Sublimes, must have of conscious wardrobe

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One cold November morning I came across a website les-sublimes.com. I stared at the pictures of a beautiful young girl in a burgundy beret and that very moment I knew I need it in my life (and on my head). It wasn’t a pure coincidence that I discovered this French brand. It came as a result of an online research for “conscious fashion”.

Conscious, what does it mean?

Les Sublimes is a French brand proposing sustainable clothing available online. The materials used to make clothes are ecological (natural), and thanks to innovative technology the brand reduces the negative impact on the natural environment during the process of production (eg reutilization of cuttings). It took up 6 month to find the perfect studio for clothing manufacture. First of all, it had to fulfill two points: respect the Planet and its employees.

But Les Sublimes is something more than only a clothing brand. It’s also a project helping  women. Each sold item contributes to the financing of  monthly hygienic protection for one young girl from Kenya.

The duet of Les Sublimes’ designers cares about Fashion impact on social and economical problems. And we fully agree with their actions. It’s time for all of us to become aware of the consequences of the clothing industry affecting the environment and respect for human rights.

Let’s talk about design

Les Sublimes clothing line can be a basis of every modern woman’s wardrobe…more over when she seeks for a little bit of luxury. The classic pieces have lots of charm and elegance.It’s based on simplicity and above all versatility. The goal? To be able to wear it as long as possible! It’s not about the seasons..with Les Sublimes fashion is timeless! Classic pieces can be wear in different ways and with different accessories. We do not need to be another copy of a copy.

Why Les Sublimes? Because we do promote brands involved in projects that care for ecology and basic human rights. We want to show that fashion is also a good medium to convey awareness. We are absolutely against cruel fashion industries exploiting people and often animals.

For our first shopping with Les Sublimes we chose (of course) a burgundy beret and a classic white t-shirt. Check the photos to see the results.

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