Eco-friendly Internet exists!


The Internet is present in everyday life of many people around the world. It’s necessary for work but becomes a big part of our private life. It’s so easy to do shopping without even going out from home. There is less paper production, so fewer trees are cut. And thanks to the Internet all the news about ecology and its importance can be easily spread out!
However, the online industry accounts for almost 10% of gas emissions worldwide … For example, one mail sent is equal to the issue of 4 grams of carbon dioxide, Google search means 7 tons a day, and the annual supply of one laptop is the equivalent (in CO2) of an airplane flight  Paris-London! So how can we reduce the energy consumption without giving up today’s technology?

Ecosia, an ecological internet search engine

First of all, we should pay attention to the number of pages we keep open at the same time. And we can do it in a simple way. Try, for example, to select the keywords as accurately as possible or type directly the website address instead of using the search engine.

If necessary, use the eco metasearch engine. For example, while using Ecosia you help to plant trees! It’s equipped with sponsored links that generate revenue. 80% of the advertising profit is transferred to projects related to planting trees around the world. Additionally, Ecosia cares about the privacy of its users. Within 48 hours, it deletes data related to the search which is neither analyzed nor sold for commercial purposes.

We use Ecosia on a daily basis, but there are also other search engines of this type. For example Ecogine and Lilo.

Ecology in the mailbox

First of all, erase old, unnecessary emails stored in the mailbox. Deleting 30 emails is equal to the daily energy consumption of a flashbulb.

Unsubscribe from newsletters that no longer interest you and which you don’t even read (this option often appears at the very bottom of the email)

Disable the email notification option, e.g. on social media

Install the anti-spam filter

Reduce the number of recipients of one email to a minimum. Do not put in a copy of the mail the entire department if you really don’t need it.

Do not print an email if it’s unnecessary

After finishing work, make sure to turn off the computer

Get involved!

You can start today with those small eco-friendly gestures. If you would multiply every single gesture of one person by the population around the world, the result would be sensational. Together we can do it! Are you with us?




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