Too good to go fights with food waste

to good to go

Before the Christmas fever gets us all and somehow oblige us to buy presents and food and all that stuff that we do not necessarily need, we would like to talk a little bit about Food Waste.

After all, Christmas is a great opportunity for a family feast, we all want the table to be richly filled with various dishes so that every guest can enjoy. Unfortunately, very often the effect is counterproductive, part of the food instead of in our stomachs lands … in the garbage.

Is the lack of respect for food only a matter of education? But maybe it’s the results from widespread prosperity or fashion for “the more the better“?

One thing is certain, the fault is not only ours, but for the waste of food are responsible also restaurants, shops, and often the producers themselves.

Terrifying statistics

Statistics on food waste and food loss are alarming. Worldwide, ⅓ of food is wasted every year, which gives about 1.3 billion tons!  Both Poland and France rank in the infamous top five countries wasting food in the European Union.

Waste begins already at the production stage, guilt is in some environmental factors, but also there is poor food storage, lack of suitable cold stores or warehouses. The next stage is transported, often overloaded trucks that do thousands of kilometers, unfortunately, lead to further losses. The fault is also on the side of stores, which as a result of poor estimation of demand are not able to get rid of excess goods. And there we are – the consumers!

Which products are thrown most often? Bread, fruit, vegetables, meat, potatoes, and yogurts. There is a lot of reasons for food loss- overlooking the expiration date, improper storage, choosing poor quality products, but also buying too many things and eating too copious meals, or even lack of shopping lists.

Let’s fight with food loss

We show you a few simple steps that will effectively reduce food waste, and as a result, also help you to save up few bucks!

  • Plan your meals weekly and make shopping list accordingly
  • Instead of throwing it away – freeze!
  • Be creative, with minted apples make a compote, you have some potatoes left from yesterday’s dinner? What about a purée?
  • Do you have too much? Share with others, family, friends or work colleagues who will definitely be happy with a piece of cake or another snack.
  • Remember about open fridge, where you can leave your food for others
  • Support local producers and consume seasonal products
  • Store your food properly – vegetables should be kept in the bottom drawer of the refrigerator, but also avoid plastic bags, instead use glass dishes or wrap in paper
  • Do not overeat – eat healthy portions
  • Do not succumb to promotions, sausages in size XXL are not always the best choice

Too good to go

Too good to go is an innovative application that helps to counteract food waste. How does it work? It allows you to purchase unsold meals from restaurants, bakeries and other dining options for a low price. The user can view a list of available portions according to their location. You pay via the app and there is nothing else but to pick up your order – a surprise (and that’s because we can never be sure what we’ll get).

For example, you can get a full meal with a starter and a dessert for only 3e or a bag of vegetables and fruits for 4e.

The idea for applications was born in Denmark, but it’s no wonder that it quickly became accepted in Germany, France, and Great Britain.

Unfortunately, the application is not yet available in Poland, however, we hope that it’s only a matter of time.

food waste

food waste

food waste




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