November highlights

Sunny days are gone and instead, it’s cold, rainy and even snowy here in Paris! This horrible weather can obviously cause the seasonal affective disorder also known us winter blues but we try to stay positive in our minds.

How we do so? By doing sport and going out for a walk despite the weather. Instead of cocooning at home we go to cosy bars and restaurants to see friends (okay we still stay in pyjama under the blanket from time to time). But if you feel like the cold weather got you and you gonna be sick, hurry up and read our natural remedies straight out from grandma’s notebook.

Last month we couldn’t miss the Polish Film Festival ‘Kinopolska’. It’s a great occasion to see some classics like ‘Sexmission’ or new movies coming out in Poland.

Magda didn’t miss the occasion for a little trip last month. This time she went to sunny Italy to visit Turin and Milan, her personal recommendations you can find on the blog.

November was as well a month of some nice beauty discoveries. We were testing new, great brands while drinking great TeaTap tea.

But for now on, we are already thinking about Christmas, like a lot of you. For us, it’s an occasion to go see our families in Poland.

So, better be good for us December!

podsumowanie listopada

1. Sunny days that went away 2. Colours of autumn 3. Sunrise! 4. Aloes, our IT plant.


5.  Enjoying Mediolan 6. Great evening at Kinopolska Festival, we have seen Sexmission 7. Sport? Always! 8. Seasonal food, this time it’s sweet potato
podsumowanie listopada
9.  They may be young, but they fight for the Planet Earth 10. A Nice surprise from Teatap! 11. Our favourite soaps 12. Non-toxic antiperspirant? Yes, please!


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