The sun protection all year round

ochrona przed sloncem

Probably most of you used  the sunscreen for the last time during sunbathing last summer. Now it’s on the bottom of the drawer waiting for another beach season. But you should know that the rays UVB and in particular UVA affect   our skin regardless  the season, even on a cloudy day. First of all, they accelerate the aging process of the skin, and in the case of sensitive complexion can affect the destruction of blood vessels. The most dangerous are however UVA rays, they penetrate deeper layers of the skin and can provoke the cancer.

As you might have guessed, the face and its top points like the nose or forehead are most exposed to the sun’s harmful effects. So how to protect it all year long!? By choosing those cosmetics for daily care, which additionally contain a filter.

The cosmetics brands are overwhelming us with the choice.  But when choosing the right care for our skin  it’s important to remember also about the environment and  as many natural ingredients as possible. Today we present you the French brand UVBIO. In france it is a pioneer among vegan sun cosmetics (not tested on animals and containing no ingredients of animal origin). It proposes a full range of products: before, during and after exposure to the sun. Our favorite one is definitely  BB cream SPF 10. It not only protects you from the rays but additionally evens out the skin tone and covers small imperfections.

The range of UVBIO has much more to offer than just only face creams. This brand has also thought about often overlooked hair. Admit, which of you applies special protection to your hair? Almost no one! And it’s a mistake dear ladies, because seawater or water from the swimming pool combined with the sun’s rays often negatively affects the condition of our hair.

UVBIO proposes us the shampoo based on spirulina Bio Oxygene, which favors hair growth, adds shine  and stimulate the scalp. It is suitable for both gray and colored hair and can be used by both men and women. The shampoo is designed to strengthen your hair, make them soft and easy to style. In addition to the already mentioned spirulina, we can find its ingredients: extract of rosemary and camomile. The colour of shampoo is transparent and has a delicate herbal scent. It cleanses hair and scalp but  without any conditioner they can be quite hard and difficult to comb. But just after drying they are very soft, weighty, reflected at the base and voluminous.

If you dream of radiant and healthy skin and shiny hair, you must remember the basic principles of care. Especially if you are planning a longer walk even on a cold, rainy day. Use the sun whenever you have a chance, but do not forget to protect the skin at the same time.

We highly recommend the UVbio cosmetics series. If your hair are dry, broken, fall out, there is no life in them, get your own bottle of Spirulina Shampoo.


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