Last month i fell in love with…black soap

mydło Dudu Osun

I have a combination skin which likes to revolt from time to time, surprising me with some pimple or blackhead. It’s also very stress prone and last month i had enough of it – starting with moving to the new apartment and ending with the infection of my little doggie.  

As a result, I started my holidays not only with dark circles under my eyes but also with gray skin with visible pores and imperfections.

While spending few days in Poland my mum handed me the famous black soap. I wanted to try it out for a very long time but I couldn’t find the one in a simple bar. I thought – it is ecologically, naturally and kinda tropically- the soap is called Dudu-Osun, so I need to give it a try!

According to my mother, the only downside of it is that while adding some water it  stains everything around and leave the black marks on the sink or in the shower. If you read our posts about curcumin (here) or charcoal (here) masks, then you probably know that such ‘dirty’ liniments are not scary for me!

Black soap Dudu-Osun is handmade and produced by using only natural ingredients: black palm kernel oil, Shea butter, cocoa ash and palm oil, honey, aloe vera and citrus extract. Moreover it’s biodegradable, contains no preservatives and no artificial colors. It can be used for any type of skin, for hair, face and body. It’s also perfect as make up remover. It’s has typical intensive soap smell.

I added it to my morning and evening beauty routine. It lathers, and the skin is perfectly clean giving you the sensation of ‘crunchiness’ if you know what I mean. Black soap is perfect for all skin imperfection, minimizing it overnight. The skin is getting more elastic, moisturized and even refreshed!

The next step, washing my hair with black soap.

But one thing is sure, it will stay with me for a long time!


Dudu Osun

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