August Highlights

It was a wonderful month! It felt like never ending holidays, not to mention that Alicja is still traveling around and visiting Poland. Last month she was moving so while everybody was taking advantage of good weather, she was struggling with boxes.

As for me, I’ve visited Bordeaux and Barcelona (you could follow my adventures on social media), and on my  way I stopped by Occitania that fascinated me So much so that I wrote a separate post about it.

However, our biggest discovery in August  was  Zero Waste House, recently opened in Paris. We are certainly going to visit it more often.

Holidays are also the perfect moment to catch up on reading. Last month, on our blog we wrote about two books that we highly recommended.

You may have noticed that despite the holidays we have worked hard and are still working on the look of our blog. We have a lot of motivation, but sometimes we lack the technical knowledge. Hence, many thanks to one good soul that helps us and guides us in in sometimes complicated world of  computers and Internet.

With a real boost and an improved (almost ready) graphic design, we are entering the new month.

We hope that you as well are motivated for this new month!






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