“Women at sea”, a novel about freedom, dreams and a fisherwoman.

catherine poulain

“Woman at sea” is a book full of wild adventures, where a young French woman Lila enters into the world of men full of hard, exhausting work. She is trying to escape from her gray, boring life and get into some adventure.

Everybod’s different. Everybody’h different dreams. Lili’s dream is to get onto fishing boeat and work as hard as needed to overcome her own weaknesses. Her dream is the sea and its unpredictible temperament. Her dream is to overcome all boundaries and all the borders.

One day she arrives on Kodiak island in Alaska. There she collides with the harsh reality: cold nights, continuous moisture, sea salt getting in open wounds, body that hurts, muscles that refuse to cooperate, fatigue and alcohol.

Lili is the only woman among drunk, rude men with the strong need to by accepted by them. When they descend the boat, she accompanies them in nightc club and bars, she sticks with them and finally gets along. Of such freedom she dreamt about and for such freedom she fought for. However, one moment she need to make an important decision once again. She falls in love with a Great Sailor, she is touched by his sensivitivity. He is not only terribly jealous but also stands on her way to Point Barrow.

The work of  the author and the main character won not only the respect of fishermen, but also the recognition of readers. She has proven that one should never give up. The first version of this book was rejected by  publishing houses, the second one turned out to be a true  succes with 8 awards. Personally I would give it the  9th for persistence in pursuit ofthe dreams, for courage, and for the beautiful language that made me read it in two days only.

“Wielki marynarz”, powieść o wolności, marzeniach i o kobiecie-rybaku

“Wielki marynarz”, powieść o wolności, marzeniach i o kobiecie-rybaku



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