Ghosts made of stones or abandoned sanatorium

Two of the three huge buildings designed by Édouarda Crevel and Paul-Jean Decaux  and created in the thirties are are today nothing more but ghosts made of stones. The French sanatorium Aincourt is located in the middle of the forest (only 60 km from Paris).

History of the sanatorium

The decision to build a sanatorium was made in the 1920s when an epidemic of pulmonary tuberculosis broke out in France. The complex of 3 pavilions (400 m of distance between the buildings to avoid the spread of diseases) was created in record time because only in 2 years. Each of the building could accommodate 150 patients. It is one of the most impressive sanatoriums of the 20th century.

Prison and  hive down

Unfortunately, in the early 40’s all the patients were evacuated and the property passed into  hands of French Milice (Political  organization formed on 30/01/1943 by the Vichy regime and formed to fight against Resistances) and developed into a prison.

In 1946 the buildings reopened their doors to patients. However, the invention of antibiotics significantly reduced the number of cases of tuberculosis and the function of the sanatorium lost its raison d’être. So it was reorganized into a multifunctional medical center and rehabilitation center. In the seventies, a beautiful Japanese garden was built in the park that surrounds the buildings. Unfortunately, it quickly becomes apparent that their infrastructure is inadequate for the increasing demands of medical practices. For this reason, in 1987 there is an official closure of the entire ground floor of the pavilion for the treatment of tuberculosis, and in 2001 another building is closed. Today only one of the pavilions is functioning as a hospital center Vexin.


Although the complex is listed as a historic site, the entrance to the buildings is strictly forbidden.

Despite the state of the buildings, many architects ensure that it’s still possible to renovate the complex. In the meantime, they served to a couple of movie screenings such as. “Meetings after midnight” Yanna Gonzalez (2013),”In the skin of the snake “ Erica Barbier (2006) or the famous film with Omar Sy, directed by Hugo Gélin “Tomorrow we will be happy ” (2016).


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