Loudenvielle, lovely in summer, wonderful in winter

Do you know places that don’t  lose their charm despite the season? The places where you can enjoy the beauty of nature regardless the weather?

Although the city of Loudenvielle has only 200 inhabitants and there is one grocery store, one thing is sure it’s a spot in France that makes us fall in love.

Aim: Tour de France

But let’s start from the beginning … how did I get to Loudenvielle?

Together with a couple of friends we decided to give up on watching the famous cycling race in the tv and instead  go and see Tour de France live.

To be completely honest with you, when you decide to be supporter at the event like Tour de France you have to be prepared for a very long waiting and seeing the actual race for about 5 seconds.

Set in a truly sporting atmosphere, our goal was to watch one of the stages  in the Pyrenees. More specifically in Saint-Girons. However, booking the Airbnb last minute was a real challenge. Happily, we ended up in a  cute apartment with a lovely view on Pyrenees in Loudenvielle.

Loudenvielle, for those who love nature

Loudenvielle is a commune located in Occitania, in the south of France, near the Franco-Spanish border. It’s a typical mountain town, which in winter turns into a mecca of winter sports.

And what kind of entertainment Loudenvielle has to offer to tourists during summer?

First of all mountain climbing and hiking trails. Don’t worry  there are easy hiking routes that will be just right for beginners and to make it you will need more or less two hours.

For those expecting more extreme adventures I recommend parachute and hang glider flying. The flights take place every day, unfortunately such a pleasure costs about 100 e, but the amazing views are guaranteed!

You shouldn’t miss taking a  walk around Génos Lake. I would not recommend a bath as it’s a  typical mountain lake, so the water temperature is quite low, but I’ve seen few daredevils!

Nearby the lake you can  rent a water bike or a very popular recently stand up paddle.

If after a tiring day you have envy to lie down and relax , go to Balnéa. It’s a relaxation center with various pools (outdoor and indoor), hammam, sauna, spa center etc … but  it is  rather a family place with quite a lot of children around,  so don’t  count on the complete peace and silence.

One thing is sure, if you are fan of active leisure in the nature, clean air and unforgettable views, you should chose Loudenvielle as your next holiday destination.

We were so much over a charm of Loudenvielle that our main goal of the trip –  the Tour de France was only a secondary entertainment…

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