Addresses of best parisian second hands

In France, summer sales are coming to an end. As usual, they attract many shopaholics, but … not us!  Yes, we like to do shopping without spending a fortune. But the same time we want to stay eco-responsable. For that we have few tips and addresses! First of all, we are big fans of second hands. Why? In second hands, clothes are  rather cheap and often very good quality and perfect for everyone  driven by the philosophy of recycling. By buying there we help to limit the amount of waste and hence the production.

Where do we mainly buy our clothes?

Second hands

Also known as vintage stores. Either you love them either never even put your feet inside. Us, we are definitely in first group.

If you like to rummage and go through  hangers full of clothes, and moreover you do not mind a specific for a second hand shop scent this is the place for you! You will find there not only clothing, but also underwear, shoes, as well as various types of fashion accessories. Why do we love them so much? You can find their unique clothes of great quality and looking ‘not worn’. This type of shops helps us to create the outfits  looking  different from what propose us brands like zara or h&m.

In addition, purchases made in vintage stores support secondary market, and therefore the environment.

In Paris we recommend you vintage stores called Kilo Shop You can buy there mainly clothes by weight, and the price per kilogram varies, for example, depending on the day of the week, but you can also find clothes already priced.

While in Paris you should visit as well Vintage Standards


Basically you cans find shoes in every second hand or vintage store. We can sometimes find a  pair that will serve us, but unfortunately most of these shoes are worn out, they lack colour and smell not very nice.

But we have good news for all fans of vintage shoes! There are second hands devoted only to shoes. Shoes are usually good brands, have no traces of use, and most importantly, their retro character will distinguish you from the crowd!

We felt in love with La petite fripe shoes. Despite the price, shoes are great quality and very comfortable!

Violette Sauvage

Violette Sauvage It’s an association that organizes a huge fashion flea market for Parisian fashionista. Its original idea is direct sale of worn clothes, excluding brands such as Zara or H&M (although you can see those labels there). But there is plenty of clothes coming from local french brands. The event is organized since 6 years in Paris, Nantes and Lille

Any  person may  sell their own clothes after paying a fee, which is definitely higher than at the french “brocantes”. However  you have can sell your clothes for a better price. We have tested! There is  also a little entrance fee for buyers (€ 1 or € 2).

Swap Party

This event is most often organized among friends or acquaintances, friends and family. During swap we don’t need any money. This event is based on the exchange of goods. very popular are swap parties thematic such as children’s clothing, luxury or  accessories. And if you don’t succeed to exchange or your clothes, you can bring them back or donate to a charity such as the French Emmaüs, Secours Populaire or put into appropriate street containers.

We recommend the Swap Party organized very often in La Recyclerie in Paris.

And you,  do you have  your favorite addresses for cheap clothes (not necessarily Parisians) that you want to share with us?

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