Weekend in Alsace

For every french national holiday that includes a longer weekend I try to do my own little celebration , I pack my backpack and just leave!

And that was the case last week, for the 14th of July. While in whole France we celebrate the capture of the Bastille by the Parisian bourgeoisie, me and a bunch of friends took over some Alsatian peaks.

In the easter Fance you can find a range of low mountains called Vosges (believe me there are some French who have no idea about it). Their highest peak is the Grand Ballon of 1424 meters. And it was our main goal for the weekend. I recommend it for all mountain climbing amateurs (Alpians will definitely be disappointed with the ease and speed of climbing). The pathis not very impressive. As in the mountains, there is plenty of sharp bends, so it has become a favorite attraction of motorcyclists. Unfortunately, the roar of the motors can be heard practically to the very top of the mountain. Therfore we couldn’t fully enjoy the nature but at least we did some sport!

I’ve been in Alsance only once before, two years ago. At that time I’ve visited Strasbourg. And I am enchanted by this city to this day. However, I used to hear that Colmar is even more beautiful than Strasbourg. So I could not miss the opportunity to see the city!

Colmar is another Little Venice with many canals and lots of flowers. It’s the capital of the vine and there is everything what Alsace has to offer. But is it really more beautiful than Strasbourg? Probably not.

On the way back from Colmar to the campsite we made a little stop at Hohlandsbourg Castle. I admit that  the castle that was not the object of our admiration but its panorama was breathtaking. It was worth stopping there only for those views.

For all camping lovers I would recommend a small campsite at the Grand Ballon called  « Au Relais du Grand Ballon », where you can unfold your tent even during the night! The showers and toilets are clean, there is a little grocery shop nearby and for those who are not fans of instant noodles there is even a restaurant! And what’s important you will be welcomed by amiable hosts.

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