OuiShare Festival, an event that connects!

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Are you familiar with concepts such as shared economy, open source, innovation, urban mobility, and  recently more and more popular zero waste ideology? Therefore Ouishare Festival is an event you should not only know about but also be part of!

About OuiShare

OuiShare = We share, a reference to sharing economy. It is a non-governmental organization, collective and think tank, created in 2012 in Paris, whose main objective is to promote ideas and projects related to so-called civil society, open and actively cooperating. Initially, the whole idea of ​​OuiShare was based on the brief meetings of people interested in shared economy, exchange of opinions and discussion with other creative people who wanted to be part of this dynamic venture. The concept quickly aroused the more vaste interest and began to gather people from many European cities, but also South and North America.

OuiShare promotes cooperation, sharing culture and society, openness, full transparency, lack of divisions, alternative management methods and technologies.

5th edition of the Ouishare Festival

This year OuiShare Festival was held for the 5th time from 5-7 July in Pantin, next to Paris.  But the event event also takes place in Barcelona and Rio.

For three days OuiShare brings together entrepreneurs, leaders, organizations and startups interested in a common debate on shared economy, mutual cooperation and active exchange within the government and society.

The slogan of the 5th edition was: “Cities around the world – unite!”. Conferences, debates and workshops have therefore focused on  cities and their inhabitants as a center of transformation and the reaserch on how digital technologies and the culture of sharing can be the basis of this transformation.

Every  of the 3 days of the festival responded to a different theme:

1 – The future of the labor market, civic technology , freelance collectives

2 – Data commons , mobility as a service and food resilience

3 – Sharing cities, open innovation, Fab-city network

Among the invited guests appeared such celebrities as:

Mark Watts – director of the organization C40. This group brings together 40 metropolises that have taken a joint action to protect the climate.

Pia Mancini Co-founder Open Collectiv, DemocracyEarth and DemocracyOS, known for her  TED speech “How to update democracy to modern times”

Alastair Parvin – Designer, co-founder of WikiHouse

Anil Kumar Gupta- Professor, Founder of Honey Bee Network Foundation.

Pascal Canfin – the head of WWF France

You can see the full list here: http://paris.ouisharefest.com/schedule/

OuiShare Festival is also fun, music, ecology, common meditation and above all networking, that is meeting new people, making contacts and exchanging opinions! It is also 3 days that can completely change your views and become a motivation for joint action and  way to change the world!

photo: © www.StefanoBorghi.com
photo: © www.StefanoBorghi.com
photo: © www.StefanoBorghi.com
photo: © www.StefanoBorghi.com
photo: © www.StefanoBorghi.com
photo: © www.StefanoBorghi.com

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