Luxury holidays under the tent

Fun under the tent?

Do you know what we love the most during holidays? The nature Therefore, we think that the best holidays  are only  under the tent! This incredible atmosphere at the campsite cannot even replace the most luxurious hotel. Okay,  you will not have there a bathtub just for yourself! And you will not have it at all!, but instead there will be worms and starry sky. Yes, there is a little bit less comfort  but there are lots of advantages.

Advantages of camping

First of all, the price. You will pay € 10 per night on the French campsite. And you may search for competitive offers and cheaper rates but you will not find it. In addition, you will get (usually) great neighbors who will not only borrow you a hammer to install your tent, but also invite for a small aperitif. You will discover that making friendships is quite easy while camping.

Sleeping under a tent is a perfect moment to put all device offline and get the technological detox. Most of the campsites offer included in price (or at a small surcharge) the electricity, but we can guarantee it’s not that hard to stay without it. Your day will be so filled that the lack of telly won’t be a big deal. We also recommend to leave your tablet at home. Swimming, sunbathing, biking, sightseeing, evenings organized by the animators and of course, new neighbors will fill every second of your day. And when the day’s gonna be over, you are going to be so tired of your day filled with different activities that you won’t care  where you put your head on, you will only need some good sleep. However, we advise to install the tent before to start drinking.

And remember, camping is not survival, it’s primarily nature and birds singing. And it’s great adventure for everyone, regardless of age. What counts is the attitude!

Luxury at the campsite

And now we go back to the title of this post. Speaking of luxury there. Yes, we found for you two in one,  camping and comfort. It’s  Les Alicourts. This 5-star campsite is located just 200 km from Paris in the picturesque region of Loire. First of all, it delights  with its  complex of swimming pools. But its offer is quite vast, everybody can find some entertainment there regardless the age and requirements. If you don’t like sleeping under a tent rent a cabin. If you don’t like swimming in the pool, swim in the lake. You don’t like swimming at all? What about some fishing?! Are you looking for relaxation?  Treat yourself with a biological renewal in a modern SPA. And there is way much more things to do… You can find it all in the campsite. Moreover the resort is child friendly. There are  water attractions for toddlers and playgrounds, there is a specially adapted bathroom with low showers, toilets and small bathtubs. And when it comes to toilets, nothing to worry about,  they are perfectly clean!

So who is ready for its very first or next time under a tent?

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