The soul of Parisian illustrated by Anna Ostapowicz

Paris, the capital of France. Undeniably associated with elegance, fashion, luxury, but also love, romantic walks by the Seine and artists. Although we both live here quite long nothing can dim its charm. Regardless of the season or weather, this city is full of life, it’s inspiring  and astonishing with its diversity and atmosphere. One can not get bored here. Paris is filled with surprises, beautiful gardens and secret streets, where we can walk for hours admiring the buildings, visiting boutiques and sipping coffee in charming cafes, of course while tasting croissants … like real Parisians.

And since we are talking about the inhabitants of French capital, one thing is sure, the fact that they are chic and classy isn’t only an empty stereotype. We noticed it quite quickly after moving in here, in the metro, on the streets, in stores, regardless their age – from a teenager to an elderly ladies. When I think of Parisians,  I see emancipated and proud women celebrating life in a fascinating way and doing things just for pleasure. They are self-conscious and do not pretend to be someone they are not. Favorite accessory – red lipstick. And I can assure you, they do have a sense of style and regardless the occasion they look good. Parisians usually associate elegance with minimalism, it helps them to be comfortable the whole day and easily make the outfit appropriate for each occasion.

Not long  time ago we had a pleasure to meet an interesting person, a very talented artist, a beautiful woman whose name you have probably heard many times before. We are talking about Anna Ostapowicz. After graduating from the Academy of Fine Arts in Poland, she decided to follow her dreams and start her career in Paris, the center of fashion and art. This Polish artist creates illustrations and drawings and portrays those chic Parisians, the icons of French cinema and their lifestyle. She combines watercolors with black ink to create amazing visual effects. She turned her passion and talent to a real work, but as she says painting is so much fun.

Her  portfolio is full of illustrations representing the Parisian elegance, but we find there as well beautifully decorated notebooks, wall calendars and greeting cards. Her paintings are perfect as an original present from Paris for women interested in fashion and beauty with the soul of a romantic Parisian.





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