Postcard sent from your smartphone

Do you travel often? Personally, we love to enjoy free time and dedicate it to new excursions. Unfortunately, during my last stay in Venice, I had a bad surprise. It has been a long time since I send a postcard to someone. I‘ve always thought that it’s a very nice tradition which unfortunately starts to disappear. So I decided to send few postcards from Venice.

Nowadays we communicate mostly via Internet and social media even when it comes to occasional greetings. When I moved in France (Facebook did not exist yet) I regularly wrote letters  to my family and my friends. I was sending postcards from every place I’ve visited. So that day in Venice I decided to make this tradition alive again.

And guess what happened to me? Out of 6 cards I sent only one reached its recipient! Frustrated, I told myself : “never again”! And then I heard about Popcart, the French application thanks to which you can send a picture from your phone as a postcard and follow its way. There are many advantages of such a solution. Instead of looking around for a post office, you can just focus on your holidays and visit more interesting places. You can prepare and send your cards at any time, even at the airport while waiting for the plane (however the application needs Internet connection).

Popcarte is an easy-to-use application that will give you amazing effects using the photos you made. You will enjoy  preparing your own postcard!And you can be sure that this little greeting from your holidays will please the receiver. 

Therefore, we encourage you to enjoy the applications that easily make it possible to transform your holidays photos into postcards.

Who wants to join us? Together we can save this beautiful tradition! Are there some of you who would like to receive a postcard from Paris? Let us know in the comments. We will try to send it to each of you.

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