My beauty routine – turmeric mask

We mainly associate turmeric with India. It has a yellow, mustardish color, and thanks to its specific taste and intense spicy scent perfectly works in the kitchen. Also, it has very strong coloring properties, it is used  exemple for dyeing fabrics. But there is more, turmeric is known as well as a source of pretty and healthy looking skin and thanks to its properties it’s used in natural medicine.

Super spice

Curcumin is the main ingredient in turmeric; it is responsible for its intense color and beneficial effect on our health and body. And these include but are not limited to:  anti-tumor properties, turmeric can search and eliminate cancer cells in the body. It is also known for its  anti-inflammatory effect, helping to relieve the pain. It lowers cholesterol and stimulates bile secretion. It prevents the formation of type II diabetes and stops its development. It is  a natural anti-depressant, it can be compared to antidepressants but without any side effects. Turmeric is also a cleanser, promotes metabolism and helps with overweight. It is therefore recommended to enrich the daily diet with this beneficial powder. In addition to traditional dishes like curry, it’s great in fruit juices or smoothies.

The secret of beautiful skin

It is also a true partner in crime for beautiful skin. Thanks to its antibacterial properties it helps to get rid of imperfections. It contains a large dose of antioxidants, accelerates wound healing and skin regeneration. It is also an antidote to hyperpigmentation problems.

Indian tradition says that women use a turmeric mask the day before their wedding.

Encouraged by the positive opinions, I decided to test its power already some time ago. It has two main advantages, it is easy to prepare and 100% natural – we can compose its ingredients according to individual needs. Effects – beautiful bright skin, imperfections are minimized and irritations heal faster, way much better and cheaper than in many beauty salons! A minus? Yellow color that stays on the skin even few hours after washing up the face, so I personally use it before going to bed. It can unfortunately stain towels or bed! The best way to clean it,  is to use coconut oil, which works great with yellow pigment. 

To prepare our face mask we need a bit of turmeric, we mix it with honey, coconut oil and lemon juice if needed. We keep this paste for about 30 minutes on the face. For best results use it regularly, even every two or three days! Give it a chance and I promise that this mask will be permanently in your beauty routine.

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