Auvers sur Oise, town in which Van Gogh spent last days of his life

Last beautiful Sunday was a great occasion for a family trip outside Paris. Our choice: Auvers sur Oise, little town located only 30 kilometers from Paris, where the famous artist Vincent Van Gogh spent his last days of life. Auvers gives the possibility to discover the life and work of the painter but there is many other interesting things to see as well as a perfect spot for a picnic near Oise river.

Many associate Van Gogh with his famous painting Sunflowers and a cut ear. Despite his short life it was full of ups and downs, well more downs. There were two major reasons for that. First, Van Gogh wasn’t really famous when still alive, he succeeded to sell only one painting during his life. His one and only fan was his brother – Theo. Today everybody knows name Van Gogh. Secondly, he suffered from a mental sickness which was giving him depression and hallucinations. Finally it led him to a suicide, the artist shot himself and died two days later. The grave of van Gogh is situated next to the one of his brother, Theo in Auvers sur Oise.

Auvers sur Oise is small french village (6900 inhabitants). It’s full of little cute streets. Below you can find the list of places worth to see in Auvers:

House and atelier of Charles-François Daubigny, first impressionist in Auvers
Museum of Absinthe, alcohol giving the hallucinations (inspirations for many impressionists 😉 )
Museum Daubigny
Van Gogh’s House, w którym znajduje się również restauracja.
Van Gogh’s Statue
Cemetery, with Van Gogh’s grave
Dr Gachet’s House, he was the doctor of Van Gogh’s and painter himself
Church where we can find the reproduction of Van Gogh’s painting
Castle, temporarily closed

Find here the full plan of the town as well as all the places to visit

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