Story of a panties

I remember, it was on Tuesday. As every week at 9am we had a meeting in the conference room to do some briefing and discuss the important topics concerning the company. Just another ordinary meeting…some of my workmates half asleep were slowly sipping their coffees while 2 or 3 of them were showing a little bit more of activity. As for me, I was presenting my last project. It was rather important because It could give me an opportunity to leave the country for 2 years. My colleagues supported my idea with enthusiasm but the management needed a little bit more time to discuss the details. And that was it, not very optimistic end of the meeting.

I never order anything using my work address, but on that day I found a little parcel on my desk. It was wrapped in beautiful paper. Rather surprised I believed that it was just a simple mistake. But there was my name on it. I opened it slowly to not destroy the paper…and there it was! Panties! In the little box I found a pair of beautiful snow white panties with an embroidery on it saying “Tuesday…”

I was standing there for a while completely confused. But when I finally came to myself I found inside a little note: “Tuesday is my favourite day. Only on tuesday I can stare at you for the whole hour” Without any name of sender.

One week later I was informed that my project was accepted. The same day I got my holidays to arrange all the formalities and I left abroad few days later. I’ve never discovered who was my secret admirer, but I still wear the panties.

It’s a true story. And the panties are true as well. If you are an elfin, romantic spirit ready to conquer the world you are going to love the offer of Parisian brand Henriette H. It’s more than just a panties. The composition of a delicate cotton, frills and personalised embroidery make them not only beautiful but also unique.



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