Matcha, expensive and super healthy green powder

Matcha is a finely ground powder of japanese green tea. It’s produced from specially grown and processed green tea plants. Just before the harvest the plants are kept in shadow to retain the chlorophyll. The production of matcha is quite laborious, extracting 30 grams of matcha is a work for one hour. But the whole ceremony of brewing is way much easier. We placet he green powder in matchawana (special bowl) with a little bit of water, then we can add more water (temp 80°C) and froth it with chasen ( the bamboo brush)

Extraordinary benefits of matcha

Matcha is well known for its antioxidant properties for which it’s way much better than traditional green tea.It’s effective in fighting against various bacterial, viral and fungal infections. Matcha has a soothing and anti-stress effect. It contains big amounts of vitamin C, chlorophyll and cellulose which help to detoxicate the body and burn the excess of fat. But the excessive intake of matcha is not recommended, it can lead to stomach troubles and liver failure.

Eating matcha

There is many ways to eat matcha, the most traditional is of course the tea. But you can add it to yoghurt, smoothie, cookies, cakes and even pasta. With matcha you can do basically everything. But what’s important, the other ingredients tend to weaken the healthy benefits of it.You can also keep it in your bathroom. We recommend homemade matcha face mask. Mix together a tablespoon of yogurt, half spoon of lemon juice and the same amount of matcha.   Put it on your face for 15 minutes the wash and appreciate your healthy looking, moisturized and glowy skin!

Where you can buy matcha?

You can find this green powder is tea shops, superfood  or organic shops and for sure via Internet. We decided to visit little parisian café UMAMI, completely dedicated to matcha. You can find there salty and sweet beverages made with the powdered tea. It’s worth trying! You can also buy there all the necessary tools to make traditional matcha  at home.

*Many thanks to iFrancja for the great pictures

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