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In one of our latest post we wrote about the air pollution problem in some big cities. Unfortunately, it doesn’t only concern the exteriors like streets but also our homes and flats. Inside our apartments we are exposed to electromagnetic radiation, quite dangerous for our health.

How should we protect ourselves? There is one simple and effective solution, more green plants at home. They can not only have a positive influence on our health and well-being but they also purify the air from the dangerous pollutants.

Green plants are the great, natural and very efficient  filter against all the toxins invisible for the human eye. Which plant to choose then?


Known also as mother-in-law’s tongue or snake tongue. It produces the oxygen during the night and absorbs the carbon dioxide during the day.  This little plant is also capable of purifying the air from the toxins present in tobacco smoke, carpets and plastics.  Sansevieria doesn’t need a lot to survive. It prefers sun exposure and the rooms with little ventilation.


Commonly known  as Spath or peace lilies. It can not only absorb the toxins but also thanks to its big leaves humidifies the air. It can soak up more dioxide than other plants. You should keep one in your bedroom. Moreover it blooms beautifully.


Ferns can absorb harmful toxins and amazingly humidify the air.  It’s very important during the winter time. Well humidified air helps us to prevent sickness and cold. Ferns are also natural air ions, they produce negative air ions (anions).

Thanks to those plants you can forget about full of chemicals air-fresheners and enjoy  the toxin free and full of good energy interior.

Your own greenhouse

If you want to keep your home green through the whole year and more, you like to play a gardener this is something for you. You own home greenhouse.  It’s called GROWW and it is project of polish UAU studio.

Groww is composed from part made fully of PLA, a biodegradable and bioactive material printed in 3D and a glass shade. Then you just need soil, seeds, some water and sun…and you can wait your green plant to grow.

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