Don’t be shy, show the straps

For many, lingerie is a base of the wardrobe.  We can choose from different colours, models and fabrics. Everything depends on the occasion, outfit or even…our mood. It can be romantic, sexy or sporty. And despite its invisibility under the clothes, not very well-matched bra or too tight panties can deform our figure and curves. Meanwhile, the lingerie is the very first thing we put on every morning, let’s learn to wear it properly and love it!

The perfect underwear

One thing is sure. Every woman knows her cup size. Well, to that point, that during the underwear shopping we tend to skip the fitting room. No matter the type of bra we choose the same, classic cup size. Meanwhile, the wrong size one can be a real nightmare. Digging in, rubbing and causing the painful imprints those are the most common signs of bad matched bra. Not to  mention overexposure or fatten out the breast. We recommend the services of professional bra-fitter. Those are the experts when it comes to finding our size and the types of bra we should wear.

Building Your Personal Lingerie Wardrobe

While shopping for underwear we should always go for the quality, not the quantity. Well crafted, handmade bra will be not only comfortable for our body and skin but also will stay with us for a little bit longer. 

White, black and beige, this is the coloristic trio that we really need in life. A red bra under a transparent white shirt is a complete faux pas. Taking proper care of the underwear is also significant. You should always hand wash  it. It will prevent the fabric from bleaching and cups from losing their shape.

Promees, a little something for your bra

Despite all the importance of well fitting bra, we rather avoid showing it too much. But when it comes to the straps, it’s a little bit different.  Few years ago, the main trend were the strapless bras or the transparent straps.

Nowadays, it’s the contrary. The more, the better.  And we like showing them off in low-cut tops. Fancy straps in differents colours and models are in at the moment!  Brand Promees proposes a large offer of bra straps. All you need is a strapless bra! You will find front straps, straps for backless dress or top or straps with charms. They will add extra something to every outfit. Bra straps can even replace you jewerly. You will feel and look fabulous!


The article was made in a cooperation with Promees.

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